10-minute scripts & etc.

While Motz was attending grad school at Ohio University, he took a class known among the program as "Madness", where all graduate playwriting students were given a theme or subject each week, and had to write, cast, rehearse, and then perform script-in-hand 5 minute productions of the scripts on Fridays at 11PM. Here are some of his favorites:

Like A Record Baby 1M, 1W

A bridesmaid dances at a wedding. She hasn't left the dance floor all night, even. The DJ thinks he's got a chance with her. She disagrees. Good thing he can spin MAGIC on his DJ rack!

...No, honest.

Wait, where are you going?

Strings 1M, 1W

Jen sits alone at a bar, indecisive about her next drink. Tony would like to get to know her better. Jen has no interest in talking to Tony. Good thing Tony brought backup: his ultimate wingman, the Big Bad Wolf...Puppet. Now Jen is talking...but not to Tony, just to the Wolf Puppet. Nice pick, Tony.

Sky Fleeting 1M, 1W

This is the night Sharon has been waiting for...Warren is finally taking her all the way up to be alone on Lover's Lane! And as soon as he shuts up, it will soon as he shuts up, they can finally...he's still going...GEEZ, Warren, take the hint already!

Stole Home 2M or 2W or Whatever

Bottom of the 8th, down by one, two outs, man on third. Rollo's at the plate. Rollo's 0-5 today. But don't worry about Rollo. Worry about that runner on third. He's taking a mighty big lead off the bag, and he's fiddling with his necklace. Hope he's paying attention to the ball...but who's he talking to out there...?