"Motz’s greatest talent is letting his audience follow along with his character’s footsteps without judgment."
- cincinnati city beat

"elicited such laughter from the crowd that the show used up every last second of the allotted time."
- cherry & spoon

"Parody without melodrama and social commentary without being bashed over the head."
- MN Fringe Audience Review

"This was a show that took a caricature and over the course of an hour, revealed that he was, in fact a fully-realized character with a very definite moral compass."
- MN Fringe Audience Review

"I think I have a little crush on Critter." 
- MN Fringe Audience Review (and everyone)


Ted "Critter" Montana teaches YOU to survive the streets

Ted "Critter" Montana knows the streets & will teach YOU how to survive: no guns, no karate chops, just KNIVES. Think you got what it takes to be the next Knifeslinger, hotshot?

1989 A.D. The Streets, USA. Crime runs rampant. Nowhere is safe. Fear is winning. And the world is about to be rocked by “KNIFESLINGIN’! Ted “Critter” Montana Teaches YOU to Survive the Streets”. Critter walks The Warrior’s Path. Critter is not afraid to stand his ground. And Critter carries more knives than you can even count, tough guy. If you think you got what it takes, pop KNIFESLINGIN’! into your VCR, strap up your switchblades, and pay attention. It just might save your life. 

Cut to: 2017. The Warrior’s Path has lead Critter to a Grand Jury hearing in Minneapolis. Can he knifesling his way out of this?