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Paper Soul


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J. Merrill Motz


Created by Motz (rhymes with boats) in 2013 for the MN Fringe, Paper Soul focuses on experimenting with the misconceptions and expectations of solo performance. Paper Soul’s first production was BOXCUTTER HARMONICA, a solo show marketed as a two person play with only one person in it. This was followed in the 2014 Fringe with REWIND-A-BUDDY (produced by Freshwater Theatre), where Motz, while performing live onstage, strived to have the audience believe they were watching a video tape. DING DONG! SING SONG! in the 2015 showed Motz as a podcast host telling vastly different stories than the uploaded videos of his singing telegram performances. For THE JACKPOT HOUR WITH(OUT) JACK POWER in the 2016 Fringe, KNIFESLINGIN'! in the 2017 Fringe (the latter produced by The Theatre Cosmic), and SOFT in the 2018 Fringe, plays with two actors in them, Motz still considers them experiments with solo performance, for reasons he'd be happy to pontificate with enough beers in him at the bar later.

In 2014, Paper Soul produced a solo performance segment called DIG YOURSELF, featuring Motz' spoken word alter-ego, The Right Reverend Kavanaugh Thorner (who sets his stage upon a street corner), as part of the Freshwater Theatre anthology production ARCHIVAL REVIVAL. Rev. Thorner has appeared around town in the The Encyclopedia Show and at Freshwater Theatre's Night Swim.

Also in 2014, Paper Soul remounted both BOXCUTTER HARMONICA and REWIND-A-BUDDY for the Phoenix Theater's opening season. For the future, Motz plans to both take his existing shows on tour around the country, and continue to experiment with the solo performance style across multiple genres.






Test Your Testament!

phoenix theater
Jun 23


2018 MN Fringe.
Aug 2-12

Test Your Testament!

strike theater
Jan 6




q.e.d astoria
Directed by Emilia Seay Allen. dec 20


produced w/ The theatre cosmic, 2017 MN Fringe.
Directed by Emilia Seay Allen. Aug 5-13



The Jackpot Hour With(out) Jack Power

2016 MN Fringe.
Directed by Emilia Seay Allen. Aug 6-14



Ding Dong! Sing Song!

2015 MN Fringe.
Directed by D. Marie Long. Aug 1-9



Boxcutter Harmonica

remount of 2013 MN Fringe production, phoenix theatre. 
Directed by Damon Runnals. nov 19-22


produced w/ Freshwater Theatre, 2014 MN Fringe.
Directed by Steven Bucko. July 31-Aug 9

Dig Yourself

part of "archival revival", produced by freshwater theatre



The Beacon From Belle Isle

commissioned by Freshwater Theatre. 
Directed by Jamil Jude. Nov 8-23

Boxcutter Harmonica

2013 MN Fringe. 
Directed by Damon Runnals. Aug 2-9



The Right Reverend Kavanaugh Thorner,

he sets his stage upon a street corner

he got that fire and that fury

he got that GOOD WORD.