The Right Reverand
Kavanaugh Thorner


Photo Credit: Matt Black


It all started when...

In the beginning, there was The Word. And The Word was confusing!

And The Rev said "let's get to crystal clearin' that shit UP, jack!"

And lo, it was so.

Now, the Right Reverend Kavanaugh Thorner

makes his stage upon a street corner.

He got that fire and that fury,

He got that GOOD word.


The Right Reverend Kavanaugh Thorner is J. Merrill Motz's spoken word alter-ego, appearing once in a while when he's needed to speak The Word in raspy beat poetry style...think Tom Waits meets Lord Buckley minus any sort of footwear...The Rev don't cotton to wearin' any shoes, see.


Dig Yourself

Shortly after midnight, November 6, 1899, in the Maple Hill Cemetery of Nordeast Minneapolis. Ida Olsen claims she saw something, "a white object, a bearded man with horns", rise from a grave, and approach her. A holy man is needed for the gathered posse, but the closest they can find that time of night is The Right Reverend Kavanaugh Thorner atop his soap box on the corner of Broadway and Central Avenue. The Right Reverend, however, sees something else at work buried there; older than Maple Hill, older than Nordeast, older than Lazarus.

Originally produced as part of Archival Revival

Produced/Curated by Freshwater Theatre

May 2014


Photo Credit: Scott Pakudaitis